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Saturday Workshops to concentrate on a single topic.
10am – 12 noon
Outside at Box Playing Fields

Loose lead walking
Strolling along with your dog by your side – wonderful!
Being dragged down the road by your dog, threatening to dislocate your shoulder and your sense of humour – not so good.
This course is designed to show you all the steps, starting with the basics, to encourage your dog to see value in sticking by your side. Much more enjoyable for both of you – plus less physically damaging. This one is likely to be popular!

Dates: 1st July and 22nd July
Price: £30.00 per workshop, payable in advance

Tricks & Scentwork
Tricks are a great way to have fun and build the bond with your dog. In addition, they show you the steps of training so that you can learn how to teach your dog anything – from first steps to a verbal cue. They can help your dog stretch in different ways to usual and build their proprioception – helping htem understand the position and movement of their body and limbs. Tricks are also a good option for a rainy day, providing your dog with mental stimulation when the weather might prevent physical activity and they also help build your dog’s confidence as they learn a new way to impress you!

Scentwork is another activity that stretches your dog mentally and is also great for rainy days. It taps into your dog’s amazing sense of smell and their natural desire to sniff things out. It gives your dog something to focus on and is another opportunity for them to bond with you and get a confidence boost from their successes. A free scent tin is provided for this workshop and for your future use.

Dates: 15th July and 29th July
Price: £30.00 per workshop, payable in advance