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Bathford Parish Hall (indoor venue)
Church Street, Bathford, BA1 7TU

Bathford Parish Hall
  • This wonderful hall is light and spacious with toilets available.
  • The floor is not slippery but is wooden so if your dog prefers softer surfaces, please bring a mat for him/her to sit on.
  • Parking is available between the hall and the church, also on adjacent streets.
  • Please don’t worry if your dog is not yet fully house-trained as I will have all the necessary equipment to deal with any accidents.
  • There is a public green space nearby where your dog can relax and relieve themselves before or after the class and there is a dog bin there too.

Box Playing Field (outdoor venue)
Valens Terrace, Box, SN13 8AE

  • The class will be held beside the football field next to the car park, between the Rock Circus and the grass BMX track.
  • You will see some/all of the following: yellow and red marker poles, red chairs, red mats.
  • Parking is free but please note that there are not any toilets at this venue.
  • Turn off the A4 onto Valens Terrace, opposite the Box Pharmacy and signposted to Selwyn Hall and Library.
  • Drive down the hill and you will see the car park ahead of you. The class is on the same level as the car park.
  • Outdoor classes go ahead in cool or rainy weather so please dress yourself and your dog appropriately (including footwear).
    If the weather is too bad, the class will either move to Bathford Parish Hall (above) or will be re-arranged.