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Recall Classes

Four Week Recall Course

“Come back!”

If you have ever uttered this phrase at the rear end of a rapidly disappearing dog then these classes are for you. 

Dogs generally fail to return for three reasons:

  • They haven’t truly learnt the meaning of the command
  • They don’t believe it is worth their while to return
  • They are scared

Whilst the last of these is a more serious problem, the first two can be addressed on this 4 week course.

In class, we will go back to basics and re-focus our dog on wanting to come back to us and stay with us.  We definitely need to make it worth their while for this to succeed so please bring lots of their favourite treats!

Please note that this course will give you a variety of techniques to work on to improve your dog’s recall – it does not and could not guarantee a perfect recall at the end of 4 weeks.

Course location & dates:
Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 7pm at Box Playing Fields (outdoor)
12th July – 2nd August 2023
Price: £50.00 payable in advance

If you are interested in joining a recall course, please use the button below to provide me with your details and I will call you to confirm dates and availability and to take payment.