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Puppy Classes

Black cocker spaniel puppy and skateboard

Eight Week Puppy Course

This friendly course is suitable for puppies from their second vaccination up to five months old at the first lesson.
Please note that your puppy must have had their full course of vaccinations (the second one is usually administered at around 12 weeks old) to attend this class in order to keep them all safe.

The program covers all the basics including: Sit, Down, Loose Lead Walking (heel), Recall, Leave it and Drop which I will explain and then demonstrate before you start practicing yourself. More importantly, it incorporates socialisation, body handling, door manners, games and confidence building – all while your puppy gets used to focussing around other pets.

The first lesson is just for you as your puppy will get bored while we discuss learning theory (nothing too heavy!), marker words, clickers, collars v harnesses and the use of treats in class. It’s also an opportunity to discuss nipping, barking, jumping up, alone-time and anxiety.
Please therefore leave your puppy at home for the first lesson. If there is no-one to care for them, you can bring your puppy with you but it is a lot easier without them if at all possible.

I provide emailed notes after each class so you don’t need to memorise the exercises on the night.

There will be a maximum of 6 puppies per class (outside) or 4 puppies (inside).

Course days and times:
Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 7pm at Bathford Parish Hall (indoor)

Current course: 6th February – 2nd April
6th February: just you, don’t bring your puppy to week 1.
13th February: no lesson this week, pantomime in the Parish Hall!
20th February – 2nd April: weekly lessons for you and your puppy.
Price: £100.00 payable in advance

Next course: 9th April – 28th May
9th April: just you, don’t bring your puppy to week 1.
16th April – 28th May: weekly lessons for you and your puppy.
Price: £100.00 payable in advance

Outdoor classes (in the summer months) will go ahead in cool or showery weather so please dress yourself and your dog appropriately, including footwear.  If the weather is too bad, the class will either move to Bathford Parish Hall (see ‘Venues’ page) or will be re-arranged.

If you are interested in joining a puppy course, please use the button below to provide me with your details and I will call you to confirm whether there are still spaces available, to answer any questions you may have and to take payment to secure your place.

New Puppy Help & Information

If you are considering getting a puppy, you might want some advice up front to help you with your decisions and prepare for your new family member. Topics to consider are the time, attention and equipment needs of a new puppy, what breed might suit you best and where to get your puppy from. If you’d like some help with getting off to the best start then please visit my ‘One To One Tuition’ page and request an appointment from there.

If you are already a proud new puppy owner and would like some help with early days issues like toilet training, crate training, overnight routines and puppy mouthing/nipping then please use ‘One To One Tuition’ button below to request an appointment dedicated just to you.