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Welcome to Doodle Dogs!

Dog trainer and lurcher dog

If you have a puppy, a teenager, a senior dog or anything in-between and need help with training then I am here for you.

Based in Bath, I aim to provide a friendly, approachable service to owners of pet dogs of any age, any breed and any background, including rescues. I would love to strengthen your relationship by helping you to effectively nurture a happy, confident canine companion with good manners who can enhance, rather than restrict, your daily life!

Here’s what some of my lovely clients have said about me:

  • “Ali has been amazing. She has helped us hugely with training our puppy.”
  • “Ali has given us top training tips which have worked brilliantly.”
  • “Would hugely recommend.”

Training a dog of any age and background is a wonderfully way to build your relationship and deepen your understanding of each other – as well as getting the behaviours and skills you are after.

Puppy classes begin with communication, key to getting your training off to a good start. Once your puppy is listening to you, you can work towards achieving the dog you are after – plus have the the best chance of getting through those teenage months!

Dogs of any age can be trained to perform a range of behaviours – you can teach an old dog new tricks! It may take longer but that can make training all the more rewarding. One to One Tuition is there for anyone with a specific training desire, those who do not appreciate group classes and those who need lessons at a specific time. Let me know what you are after and we can work out a training plan.

I use positive, science-based reinforcement techniques with trust and confidence-building exercises to help you get the most out of your relationship with your dog.

As I am going to be working with your precious pup, you may like to see my professional credentials:

  • I am qualified with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT)
  • I passed the IMDT Membership Assessment with Merit
  • I maintain ongoing membership of the IMDT
  • I have passed the IMDTB Level 3 course in Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement
  • I have a Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Animal Management with Distinction
  • I have a Level 3 Open College Network certification in the principles of Dog Training and Behaviour
  • I am currently studying the IMDTB Level 4 course in Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour
  • I have completed a K9 First Aid Course
  • I have attended a Dog Law Seminar with Trevor Cooper
  • I undertake continual professional development and
  • I am insured with Cliverton, a specialist animal industry insurer